2 Women, 2 Bikes, 1 Long Road To Argentina

Becky Simmons is a Visual Communications graduate from the University of Arizona. Andrea Sarvetnick is a former Neuroscience student turned motorcycle mechanic. Together, the two are planning to hit the open road to Argentina on a pair of badass bikes with nothing but the clothes on their back and a camera to capture it all.

For a slight second, this almost sounds like the sequel to the movie Thelma & Louise, but this plan is definitely in motion, without any grand police chases or impending cliffs, of course.

The adventure-seeking ladies took to Kickstarter on July 1st to raise funds for the Argentina trip and they’re already 1/4 backed. With a cut-off date of July 31st, they still have most of the month to raise the funds, but they still need a good push to meet their goal of $10,000.


Becky and Andrea initially linked up through mutual friends who felt that they shared the same energy and zest for life. Upon meeting, they recognized those qualities in each other as well and hit it off from the start. They began traveling together through places like Salvation Mountain, Bombay Beach and Joshua Tree National Park to see how they would travel together and found that they were perfect travelling companions.

One of their extended trips that’s similar to the planned Argentina trip was Becky and Andrea’s excursion from San Diego to Colombia in 7 months. Throughout that trip, they filmed their endeavors and gave fun, brief blog updates about their experiences as they happened. The regular updates let the public in on the love the women share love for the open road and exhilaration of exploring different cities and customs.

With upgraded video cameras and improved editing skills, their goal with this project is to turn the footage from their 6 month exploration into a polished and concise movie. They plan to have the movie complete and released as a DVD by mid-2015. The DVD will give a more thorough, in-depth look at the raw, beaten paths the ladies aspire to tread in.

Other than the DVD, some of the coolest incentives being offered on the Kickstarter campaign are the postcards and photos that will be mailed out during their journey. Starting off at just $10, these real-time gifts give backers the experience of being right there with Becky and Andrea, and this is exactly why these ladies are hitting the road, to bring everyone along for the ride.

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