A Kickstarter Campaign with Seamless Leather Goods, Literally

In a world where just about every product is made of plastic or a similar synthetic resource, it’s surprising to see a brand new company offering quality leather crafted items, yet that’s exactly what PACT is trying to do.

PACT, a leatherworking company based out of Spokane, WA, offers five items crafted out of genuine, precision cut leather (a wallet, phone case, tablet sleeve, notebook cover, and satchel), all created without any threading or adhesives. Each piece of leather is cut via laser before being folded to create the item, with no buckles or zippers added in order to stay true to a ‘minimalist’ approach. Instead of a logo, each of the items is marked with a ‘PactMark’, a random pattern on the leather that is unique to each person ordering the piece.

For those that are looking for a more personal touch to their purchase though, one of the rewards offered by the campaign allows the backer to personally create their own PactMark using a number of open and filled circles.

The company launched a Kickstarter campaign on July 1st in order to raise fifty thousand dollars for the renovation of a workshop and the ability to gain control the entire production process. As every piece of leather has to be precisely cut, something that can’t be done with the traditional tools, the purchase of special lasers is required.

PACT is unique in its avoidance of using any type of stitching or adhesives. Most companies that offer leather products make significant use of seams or glues in order to hold their materials together. Instead of using such methods, PACT opts for an all-leather approach, keeping any types of seams or threads out of the picture, in their place they use various methods of folding and weaving to complete the piece.

While this approach may make the construction a bit more time consuming, the absence of any type of glue or thread grants the PACT leather items a longer lifespan. Many leather products will start to fall apart after too much use, but the seamless construction allows a product that “will last as long as you will.”

If the campaign is successful by its end date (July 31st), it may nudge other leatherworking companies to focus on longer lasting products.

According to creators Darrin and Ben, the idea started when Darrin couldn’t find an iPhone case he liked, so he created his own. With the help of his friend Ben, he launched a small online shop for similar leather products, but when life got in the way, the shop was put it to the side as Darrin felt that, “He wasn’t able to give his customers the service they deserved.” With the aid of crowdfunding though, Darrin and Ben can create a dedicated workshop for the leatherworking, and devote themselves fulltime to the business.

Leather items are an ideal product for those interested in something that lasts long term, as the leather gains an attractive appearance as it ages, rather than simply starting to fade away. This aged look, coupled with PACT’s unique threadless and glueless construction, may cause this campaign to spur the creation of a number of leather items that are as long lasting as their owners.

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