Photographer Mark Tuschman Courageously Sets Out To Raise $50k For New Book

On July 1st, professional photographer Mark Tuschman of Menlo Park, CA established a Kickstarter campaign in hopes of raising $50,000 to publish his stunning, socially-conscious photobook entitled Faces of Courage: Intimate Portraits of Women on the Edge. The impending book provides an in-depth look into the lives of women in poor living conditions in developing countries and focuses on the autonomy lack of autonomy that women and girls face in the developing world and all the efforts designed to empower them.

Working as an international freelance photographer for more than 33 years, Mark has dedicated himself to the social awareness of global health and development. For over a decade, he’s journeyed across Kenya, Ecuador, and India to name a few, documenting the plights of women who lack rights over their bodies, reproductive health, and general well-being in these particular countries. Although their everyday lives may be filled with inequality, injustice, and even cruelty in some cases, Mark captures the beauty in their spirits and sense of dignity in their eyes. Awe-inspiring images that are found within Faces of Courage are what makes his cause worth fighting for and definitely worth donating to.

Aside from documenting women’s struggles in various countries, something cool about Faces of Courage are the stories of the advances being made in educating and empowering girls and women. Highlights of doctors, nurses, teachers, and aid workers that work hard to supply millions with care and knowledge is what makes this book come alive as it brings on a sense of hope. Although Mark tells their stories through words, it’s the photographs that really pop out to help you empathize with each person featured.

I see Faces of Courage really making a huge impact and urging more people to get involved with rallying for women’s rights around the globe. The project as a whole carries a positive message to it and offers great incentives such as signed copies of Faces, acknowledgement in the book, large featured prints, and even an invite to the book release party. One of the coolest rewards being offered for donating is the opportunity to hang out with Mark for a day as he teaches you everything you’d like to know about photography.

If donations exceed the initial goal and goes up to the $70,000, Mark will send copies of the book to schools, libraries, cultural centers, and supportive foundations which would certainly make a huge difference in many lives. He has less than a month to hit his mark as the ending date for Faces of Courage ends on July 30th, 2014. If you would like to donate to help bring this prolific book to life, check out the link below and remember that every dollar counts!

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