The Fundster Family of Products

Our products and services help entrepreneurs, artists, and idea guys run more effective crowdfunding campaigns by avoiding mistakes, increasing exposure, and raising more money.

A step-by-step guide to successful crowdfunding.

  • Avoid the mistakes most first-timers make
  • Learn proven techniques for mobilizing your tribe
  • Get the media to cover your crowdfunding campaign

A 12-module video series about proven crowdfunding strategies.

  • Step by step instruction on launching a successful crowdfunding campaign
  • Live-on-screen demonstrations of how to set everything up
  • Detailed examples of crowdfunding strategies in action

Launch your crowdfunding campaign to targeted media players.

  • Target specific journalists that cover crowdfunding stories
  • Get your news posted on major news websites
  • Attract a larger crowd to your campaign by attracting media attention

A social media sugar-rush for any crowdfunding campaign.

  • Put the spotlight on the unique elements of your crowdfunding campaign
  • Convert social media contacts into backers of your campaign
  • Leverage social media activity into mainstream media coverage

Fundster's complete product line from education to strategy to promotion.

Fundster's complete suite of products and services discounted as an all-in-one package.  For serious crowdfunders only.

Hire Fundster to run your entire crowdfunding campaign for you.

The Fundster team will take over every single aspect of your crowdfunding campaign from building the infrastructure, choreographing media promotion, and managing the entire fundraising process.






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