Sexy, Affordable Lingerie Line Returns to Kickstarter for a Second Run

If you close your eyes and imagine the quality and sexiness of Frederick’s of Hollywood with the affordability and convenience of Walmart, then you’ll have an idea of what Naja’s all about. Designed for women, by women, San Francisco premiere lingerie line, Naja, knows its way around a comfy pair of knickers, and most importantly, it knows how to gain support from crowdfunding sources like Kickstarter.

But this isn’t Naja’s first time at the rodeo, no sir, the stylish underwear brand held their first Kickstarter project at the top of the year to raise capital for their initial launch of the company. The project was, of course, successful and now they’re back to secure funds to expand their line and take things to the next level.

Heralding the campaign with the brilliant slogan of “When you educate a woman, everything changes” the good ladies of Naja are asking for $20,000 to complete the designs they have planned out which super soft and comfortable with eye-catching designs. The company plans to improve on certain elements like using environmentally friendly glue in their cups which means they’ll have no odor. They’ve also changed their elastics to ensure quality softness. Naja had also added a little lace for the fun of it and expanded their sizes.

Cataline Girald, the head of Naja, has made it her mission to provide the needs of women of all shapes and sizes and that’s the whole meaning behind this campaign. As a former lawyer turned entrepreneur and fashion designer, she knows that in order, she has to cater to customers, she has to offer bigger and better service and that’s exactly what she’s aiming to do.

What’s ultra-cool about Naja’s expansion is that it makes room for more single mothers and women who are heads of the household to join the staff and imminently make a difference in the workforce. And not only will you make a difference in the workforce by donating, you’ll also receive some really cool incentives like a pair of killer custom panties and the ultimate prize of having a private panty party with 10 of your closest friends and the founder herself, complete with gift bags, champagne and more!

With the need to provide more excellent quality at fair prices, Naja shouldn’t have no problem garnering funds this go round BUT they need YOUR help. To check out this very special project and donate, please check out the link below:

The project began on June 26th but time is slowly ticking away and the donation cutoff date is July 25th at 2:22 p.m. (EDT) so please show your support and give what you can today!

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