Visionary New Children’s Series Featuring Same Sex, Multiracial Families, in Exciting “Adventures”

Annie Lockwood has a plan to change the world of children’s literature. Based out of the UK, Annie Lockwood, manager at Five Simple Steps Publishing, is heading a fabulous Kickstarter campaign designed to raise funds towards the illustration, publication, printing, and distribution of her fresh and upcoming Adventures of Alex series.

The goal is to raise €6000 ($10291.50 USD equivalent) by July 20, 2014. But, why should you care about Annie Lockwood or Adventures of Alex? With her upcoming book series, she introduces a fresh young character that is thoroughly believable, complex, and admirably modern. Lockwood’s motto is: “The world is diverse and so are our stories.” The project is laudable by a landslide, and the story seems to reflect the New Era the Western world is currently in.

Short, stumbling strides have been made in the world of children’s books towards introducing realistic family dramas, centered around family portraits that are reflective of modern society and tolerance. The Western world is now a world with blended families, mixed-race families, same sex families, and single parent families full of healthy affection and fun. Yet, even in the most modern children’s books, with few exceptions some of the same familial and gender stereotypes (or archetypes?) exist.

Ms. Lockwood insists that her children’s series will be just as entertaining and enlightening for grownups and kids alike: “To a child, The Adventures of Alex series are fun, entertaining stories. To an adult, they’re an important and easy way to entertain children without subjecting them to the stereotypes often found in children’s literature.” Instead of limiting her female lead with well worn gender restrictions, yet also gracefully towing the line without making her too eccentric or “unsexed”, to borrow from Lady Macbeth, Lockwood infuses main character Alex with independence and variety. She states with deceptively straightforward eloquence, “It’s really important for me that Alex doesn’t always wear pretty pink dresses, but equally it is important the she doesn’t fit the stereotypical ‘tom-boy’ image either. Sometimes Alex will be in skirt, sometimes she’ll be in shorts, sometimes she’ll be in a dinosaur onesie. It depends on what adventure she is having that day!“ Designed to be easily read within 15 minutes, her tales will entertain without tiring the reader, and are not long enough to tax young minds with convoluted plotlines. Adventures of Alex is truly a series to look forward to– but it needs some help.

With such a bright and multifaceted leading character, Alex could change the world of children’s literature– and, indeed, perhaps the world of children, period in a dynamic way, by reflecting children as they are in these times, instead of re-hashing archaic, often Eurocentric, patriarchal, royalty-exclusive and unrelatable families and characters. It is my hope that she succeeds in her campaign, and I hope to purchase my own copy and engage my children in Alex’s Adventures. I hope the public at large will embrace Ms. Lockwood and her book series with as much enthusiasm as I will.

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