What Every Coffee Drinker Needs To Own

“We are enhancing the experience of making coffee at home and improving the quality by automating the art of pour over coffee”

Coffee is the innovation that inspires the innovator. It is the drink that soothes, and the ultimate liquid motivator for waking up and taking on each day. And so when it comes to dealing with something as highly favored as coffee, I believe that the process of its creation ought to be done RIGHT. This appears to be the very work that Cameron Hughes has accomplished through his formation of Invergo.

Invergo is the first automated pour over coffee system. Learning from the research done through The Specialty Coffee Association of America, Mr. Hughes seems to have overcome the largest problems surrounding everyday household coffee makers. The product contains a Proportional Integral Derivative Controller, which ensures that the water will remain ± 1°F from where the temperature is set. (This tool guarantees the best possible temperature throughout the full brewing process.) While most conventional coffee machines create a more bitter tasting coffee by their inability to equally saturate the coffee grounds within a mix, Invergo’s Autospout evenly soaks the coffee by way of its rotating jet which ensures that the hot water will pour evenly onto the grounds and greatly improve the end product.

Invergo is a one size fits all coffee maker. It not only serves as an adequate dispenser for pouring coffee into regular coffee mugs and coffee pots (brews anywhere from 5 oz. – 50 oz.), but also contains removable magnetic features that allow for the user to pour his or her coffee directly into a tall travel mug for those on-the-go mornings that we all must suffer through now and again. To further brag on Invergo’s convenience, the product also provides an option for creating cold coffee as a means to a sweeter tasting brew. Each of these features is easily regulated through a touch screen found at the top of the machine.

I believe that Invergo has the potential to revolutionize the way that coffee is brewed at home in both taste and cost-efficiency. Right now the product is using Kicktarter to fund and promote its growth. The Kickstarter is based in New York, New York and began on July 3rd with a request for $25,000 as the amount needed by July 31st.

To discover more about the Invergo’s automated pour over coffee system, neat gifts that you may receive for helping to fund this project (such as a ceramic coffee set designed by Invergo Coffee for donating $50), or to discover more about this product’s creator, Cameron Hughes, and the in-depth brewing information available on his page, please visit the Invergo Kickstarter site here:

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